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Mobile Phone Insurance

Take a look at different mobile phone insurance providers to protect your laptop, mobile phone, iPod and more. also learn all you need to know about cell phone insurance

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Cell Phone Insurance

Smart Cover for your Smartphone

Cell phones have become such an essential part of our everyday lives that losing them is now a major hassle. Not only are we out of contact without these devices, but our reliance on smartphones and the convenience of the apps they provide can mean we are lacking some important tools. Fortunately, mobile phone insurance is available if something were to go wrong.

In today’s market, where a top of the line mobile handset can cost hundreds of pounds, the thought of insuring your phone can be pretty tempting. Most mobile carriers will offer you mobile insurance, as will many home insurance companies. But do you really need it? We’re taking a close look at mobile insurance, whether you need it or not, what it will cover, and what your other options are if you choose not to go with insurance. So before you shell out, you might want to read on…

Mobile Phone Insurance

What is mobile phone insurance?

Mobile Phone Insurance provides coverage for your mobile phone or smartphone from damage, theft and loss, but consider all the cover options and beware of exclusions and excessive premiums.

mobile phone insurance is meant to help you when you're suffering from a phone crisis, be that loss, theft or damage.
But like any other type of insurance, it will cost you. Many consumers forego the extra monthly payments that insurance will add to their bills, and hope that they don't become one of the 35 percent who break or damage their devices within the first year.


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